Clozing out the season . . .

Tis the season to examine our closets and clear out the things we no longer wear. Jeans we’ve had for a bit, tops that just don’t fit right anymore; and that little black dress that’s gotten a little snug! This can be cathartic. Imagine . . . a tall glass of wine and a full day personal styling. After each glass, commit to tossing out that old blue dress you wore on the last date with Bill; or those wooden earrings worn to your 5th anniversary celebration. It’s even ok to toss that old cheerleader jacket from high school. What’s great about this ritual is that it makes room for the new you! It allows you to pass on great pieces and give someone else a chance to bring new life and meaning to them.

It’s equally invigorating to review your jewelry box for pieces you’ve enjoyed wearing for some time. Fashion jewelry while seeming timeless can reinvigorate someone else’s wardrobe and open your jewelry box to some pieces you’ve pinned on your boards.

And let’s not forget, the consignment shoppe or the local shelter where many women find new charm in our past fashion loves and can be tax deductible.

Fashion Jewelry can and often should change with your style, the season (and yours), and as often as you change your wardrobe. It should always reflect your current lifestyle and can be updated as often as your closet.

So, clean out that fashion jewelry and open your style to something fresh and new!

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